Mobile Marketing

Primary Screen

Mobile devices are today a part of consumers’ lifestyle. Mobile has graduated from being the second screen to the primary screen that consumers constantly have access to. Consumers use their mobile devices to evaluate product offerings, do comparison shopping, etc., before finally hitting the purchase button. This all-pervasive nature of mobile devices make them indispensable to marketers’ digital strategy. As brands continue to develop digital infrastructure to enable the order-to-cash consumer journey, mobile has come to assume a significant position in this journey. With the proportion of mobile searches vis-à-vis the desktop/laptop environment increasing at a rapid rate, and mobile innovation leading the way in changing how consumers shop, mobile marketing is gaining significant traction as a branding and commerce enabler.

Mobile Traffic

As consumers switch between devices and browse for services while on the move, mobile search assumes greater significance. Today a typical website, across industry sectors, garners mobile traffic in the range of 15 – 20% and upwards as a minimum proportion of the overall traffic. Mobile traffic comes from touch points including mobile apps, native ads on publisher sites, search engine ad inventory, besides organic and direct search traffic. Besides, the mobile landscape has other leading traffic providers besides Google. Therefore, in planning their mobile outreach, brands will have to take into account the unduplicated reach each network of the prominent mobile network has to offer. Digital Frontier brings in-depth experience in mobile marketing and can help with your mobile outreach strategy.

Mobile Apps

A lot of consumer time is spent using mobile apps. Mobile apps can broadly be classified within the following five categories – utilities, news, social, entertainment and gaming. Brands can take advantage of mobile apps by either developing apps in one of the above five categories to establish top of mind recall for their brand or advertise their brand within one or more of these categories. In either case, mobile apps present a significant advertising and marketing opportunity. .In app advertising takes into account the target audience advertisers want to go after and develops the strategy accordingly. Digital Frontier specializes in devising in-app advertising strategies. Also, we provide mobile app distribution solutions to maximize your app downloads across aggregator app stores as well as within native app stores such as Google Play store.

Innovative Ad Formats

Given the personalized nature of mobile devices, ad networks are leveraging the opportunity to deliver rich, personalized, and innovative ad formats. Audio ads, push notifications, page takeovers, interstitials, overlay ads and other interactive and innovative ad formats provide brands the differentiation that they seek to build. While the pricing for ad innovations vary, Digital Frontier brings in the expertise to recommend the best mobile outreach plan for you depending on your marketing objectives. Also, we can draw up your media plan in collaboration with leading mobile ad networks.

Mobile offers all the targeting capabilities available in the fixed web environment and more. With sophisticated targeting options – device & Operating System targeting, IP targeting, geo-targeting, to name a few targeting options – advertisers can reach the intended audience precisely at the time they intend to reach out to them. Digital Frontier makes use of the available targeting capabilities to optimize your campaign performance and reach the objectives agreed to.