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Connect & Interact

Social media offers a great way for people to connect and interact. This is a great channel for brands to engage with their audiences and build conversation around the brand. While brands can take advantage of social media as an effective tool for building brand affinity and recall value, the sheer number of social platforms and the unique approach required for each makes managing social media a task that requires expert help. Digital Frontier, with our extensive experience in strategizing and executing high-impact social media campaigns, can design and set up your social media campaigns based on your outreach requirements.


In order to initiate interesting discussions around the brand and drive “talkability” brands will first have to build a strong community of engaged audiences that are receptive to the brands’ messaging. A receptive audience will engage with brands by way of sharing, commenting, and liking the content shared leading to improved “organic” reach – i.e., non-paid engagement with a brand’s content. Digital Frontier builds content themes to keep your audience engaged, also we analyse content posted by your brand in the past to see what worked and bucket content into themes accordingly. Community engagement is an iterative process requiring persistence, quality and original content, and activities that keeps interest in the brands alive.

Slicing & dicing

Slicing and dicing your audience data and deriving key inputs from your audience behaviour is key to maximizing your social media efforts. Digital Frontier brings a thorough understanding of audience segmentation deriving insights from disparate touch points including your social media community, CRM systems, listening tools, etc and translating these insights into actionable intelligence brands can take advantage of. Digital Frontier offers superior SaaS consulting for brands that would like to implement social CRM and listening solutions.

Structured Content

While interesting and quality content is paramount to the success of a strong community, the content has to be structured to the tastes of the audience and the composition of the audience profiles within the brand’s community. Further, the content strategy should differ across different social platforms. Given the wide range of social media platforms out there, each offering different utility, a one-size-fits-all approach is not the best way to maximize social media impact. Also, different social media platforms serve best to meet varied business objectives. For instance, Pinterest, with its rich media and display based communication mechanism, is best suited for brand messaging and propagation. Twitter, being a micro-blogging platform is best suited for customer service and grievance redressal. LinkedIn, on the other hand, can be used efficiently for employer branding, product/service feature dissemination, etc. YouTube, being a video-centric platform that it is, can be used for building viral content, educational content and content that is brand heavy. YouTube brand channels are used to drive contests, promote brand uptake by way of consumer generated content, run polls, besides being a repository for showcasing television commercials, management speak, etc. Digital Frontier helps in drawing up strategies to effectively leverage social media touch points and in deriving mileage from cross platform social integration.


Social platforms offer excellent targeting options that brands can take advantage of. For instance, you can share your content with certain demographic, device types, regions, etc. Facebook lets you define your audience by feeding in your email list database. Facebook also lets you target audiences that are similar to your own lists with its “look alike” audiences feature. Besides audience targeting by way of content dissemination, brands can use paid ad formats to build engagement.
Twitter currently offers the following ad options:


Promoted Trends
Promoted Accounts
Promoted Tweets
Lead Cards
Website Cards
Similarly, other leading social networking platforms offer interesting and efficient targeting options that brands can take advantage of. With superior targeting, brands can reach out to the intended audience and maximize reach.

Analytics is the Life Bloodof all digital marketing activities. There are several social media analytics solutions available – some that are platform-centric and others offered by third party providers. Digital Frontier brings in-depth experience in analytics and measurement. We offer periodic reporting based off insights gathered from your social media campaign performance, community engagement, video views, and other social media collateral. We also provide competitive tracking and benchmarking services so you have a hold of where your competition is vis-à-vis your own social media marketing efforts.


Brands spend a lot of time, effort and money to reach out to their target audience, drive engagement and ensure positive sentiment for the brand. Given this, brands will have to maintain a healthy online reputation. There are several leading Online Reputation Management (ORM) tools available to help brands track and maintain their online reputation. Digital Frontier provides services ranging from designing your ORM strategy, to drawing up the requisite workflows, to package evaluation and implementation


As brands continue to engage their audience via social platforms, they realize the potential to drive users from engagement to transactions; at times, without having to leave the social container. Having built the social infrastructure for engagement, brands are exploring the opportunity to develop and integrate the technology stack to enable commerce. Digital Frontier provides consulting in the area of social commerce and offers integrated solutions leveraging from pioneers in this space.


Digital Frontier is a full service digital media and marketing agency offering high quality expertise in social media, search marketing, branding, mobile marketing, web analytics and other emerging digital disciplines including mobile apps, etc. We offer digital consulting in the areas of Online Reputation Management (ORM), SaaS deployment, content marketing, rich media and video marketing, etc. We bring deep expertise in the area of social media marketing with our founder being an ex-Googler. We offer extensive support in campaign development, community outreach & engagement. To benefit from our vast experience in social media marketing, we invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

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