Social Media Analytics

Web Analytics goes beyond measuring users, sessions, session duration and bounce rates. Web Analytics can be used to measure and track such concrete indicators such as form submissions, PDF downloads, link clicks, video views, etc. Have great website content – in the form of product/service description – but aren’t sure if users are consuming your content? Use Web Analytics to track this. Measure the length and depth of user sessions, track users’ scroll depth and track video completion rates.

Use sophisticated segmentation techniques to slice and dice your data. Apply profile filters to understand how your users visiting via mobile devices behave versus those visiting via desktop devices. With these powerful dimensions you will be able to respond to user requirements more appropriately and design and optimize your campaigns.

Web Analytics provides insightful data including session replays, heatmaps and advanced visualization so you can understand your users’ behaviour while on your site. How do your high-paying users behave in comparison with average ones? Get these insights and more.

With web analytics, among other things, you can derive the following:

  • Advanced Visualization
  • Predictive Marketing
  • Measure Lifetime Value
  • e-Commerce Funnel Visualization
  • Cross Channel Reporting


Digital Frontier is a digital media and marketing agency offering high quality expertise in Analytics. Our Analytics services include, Application Package Evaluation, Implementation, Consulting, Measurement & Audit, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Tag Management and Reporting. Our Analytics solutions are spread across all key digital touch points including mobile, web, social, and apps. To benefit from our vast experience in Analytics, we invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.


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