Search Engine Marketing

Dominant Source of Information

Search engines are a dominant source of information. People around the world, increasingly, rely on search engines for various requirements. From sifting through products and services, to comparison shopping to making actual purchases, people use search engines extensively – switching between desktop, laptop and mobile devices; both while at home and at work. This presents a compelling opportunity to you as advertisers to connect with prospects looking for services such as yours, exactly at a time when their “purchase intent” is at its peak.

Pay Per Click

Search engines handle billions of searches each month. Given the vast amounts of data available on the Internet, search engines will have to sift through this data heap and present results that are most accurate, relevant, and contextual to the users’ search query. This means that only a select few search results will show up in the first few pages of the search results. A vast majority of businesses will end up not being able to take the top slots. The saving grace for these businesses is that there is still a way to reach out to their prospects. By way of search advertisements.Known more commonly as search engine marketing, these are paid ads displayed on the right hand side and on top of search results of leading search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

High Quality Expertise

Digital Frontier is a full service digital media and marketing agency offering high quality expertise in search marketing, social media, branding, mobile marketing, web analytics and other emerging digital disciplines including mobile apps, etc. We offer digital consulting in the areas of Online Reputation Management (ORM), SaaS deployment, content marketing, rich media and video marketing, etc. We bring deep expertise in the area of search engine marketing with our founder being an ex-Googler.

Networks & Ad Formats

As advertisers, you will have complete control over your budget spends, whom you want your ads to target, time of the day and days of the week you want your ads to show, etc. Since there are many advertisers who are competing for the same set of customers, these ads are delivered based on a dynamic auction system. Digital Frontier, with its expertise in Search Engine Marketing, can assist you in developing and delivering effective ads based on your advertising objectives – whether it is customer acquisition, branding, or something else, we are here to help.

Search Engines have various destinations within which they let you deliver ads. This includes the Search Engine Results Page, the search network, and on pages of partner search engines. Google, for instance, allows advertisers to reach out to their target audience on Gmail via Gmail Sponsored promotions (GSP). Also, search engines have different ad format specifications for different destinations. Depending on your campaign objectives, we determine the networks and ad formats that are right for your requirements.


Given this, it is important you entrust your search marketing campaign execution requirements to an agency that brings in best-in-class expertise across leading search engines. Digital Frontier offers flexible plan types you can choose from depending on your search marketing and budget requirements. From simple campaign development and deployment to complex multi-account ongoing campaign optimization requirements we cater to varied business requirements.


With certifications in leading search ad platforms such as Google AdWords, and Bing, we offer extensive support in campaign development, management and optimization. Our robust campaign monitoring and reporting capabilities ensure you stay on top of your account performance. To benefit from our vast experience in search marketing, we invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a highly effective and widely used digital outreach and acquisition platform. It is a low hanging fruit that every advertiser who wants to scale their business should take advantage of. Given the dynamic nature of the discipline, SEM is constantly evolving with additional capabilities being introduced every so frequently.

Bid Management

There are many factors that determine your ad performance, your campaign bids will be one of the factors that influence your ad position and eventually your campaign performance. Digital Frontier uses performance data, insights from campaign history and other key data-points to determine bids. For instance, a keyword with significant search volumes wouldn’t have the same bids as the one with low search volume. Google Analytics provides key insights into which of your keywords are high-performing ones (i.e. if you have your AdWords account linked with your Analytics account and are tracking keywords for performance). Performance in search parlance refers to any action that you as an advertiser deems valuable. Downloads, sign up, quote request, etc are some examples. Keywords that trigger these key events viz., downloads, quote request and so forth are keywords that “convert.” Our bidding strategy takes into account factors such as conversions and conversion rates while determining bids. While there are automatic bidding tools available out there, we believe in meticulously going over each keyword in your account structure to provide bidding recommendations that we believe are most accurate and optimal for your campaign objectives.







Targeting & Reporting

Search Networks provide sophisticated targeting and reporting capabilities that advertisers can take advantage of. From targeting specific regions and cities, to targeting certain device types, to determining the number of times an ad is viewed it is all possible using the highly configurable ad delivery control panel. Advertisers can take advantage of display advertisements reaching out to a large network of premium publisher sites depending on who you want to go after. At Digital Frontier, we use our vast experience to determine the right ad formats, targeting and delivery options right for you. Therefore, you stand to benefit from our expertise in media planning, inventory mapping and reach maximization perspective. We leverage from deep insights available within ad network reporting dashboards to build, optimize and iterate highly effective campaigns. Further, we deliver periodic performance reports to keep you apprised of your campaign performance. As we continue to refine your campaigns, we also split test ad formats to understand which of your campaign USPs deliver better.




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